African Twist by Maggie Ogunbanwo and Huw Jones published by Graffeg

African Twist

Maggie Ogunbanwo & Huw Jones
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Publication 20 January 2022 – Pre-order now.

Hardback | 160 pages | 150 x 150mm
Publication January 2022 | ISBN 9781802580754

A collection of 30 delicious vegan recipes with traditional Nigerian flavours.

Maggie’s immaculate balance of flavours combined with playful presentation ensures these are recipes to remember for those wanting to explore broader, more environmentally responsible culinary horizons.

Recipes include:
• Maggie’s Pirate Stew
• Banfora: Burkina Welsh Cakes
• Aubergine and Tomato Caviar
• Carrot and Apricot Soup
• Three Bean and Coconut Curry
• Sweet Potato with Peanut Butter Stew
• Rum Caramel oranges
• Plantain Loaf

Author Maggie Ogunbanwo is based in north Wales where she runs Maggie’s African Twist, selling predominantly African sourced or themed food products both on and offline. Maggie is passionate about food and cooking as well as being committed to quality and the support of local providers. Her influences flow from her Mam and Nain but are extended through contact with and work in environments with West Indian, Caribbean, Indian, Italian, Mediterranean and Latino foods. They continue to grow and meld with an additional Welsh touch added to the mix, widening Maggie’s international scope to tantalise a range of taste buds. In 2021, with support from the Food and Drink Wales Industry Board, Graffeg published Maggie’s book, The Melting Pot, which showcased the diversity and variety of the Welsh BAME community’s culinary expertise.

Huw Jones is a food photography specialist based in Newport, South Wales. His specifically designed studio is amongst the best equipped in the UK, with all dishes prepared and photographed on site using the highest standard industry equipment. Huw's stunning images showcase Gilli Davies's recipes in the Flavours of Wales and Flavours of England series, as well as the range of seasonal cookbooks from Angela Gray's Cookery School, Jane Reynolds range of plant-based cookbooks as well as Maggie's previous cookbook, The Melting Pot.

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