Frog's Bog by Marielle Bayliss and Mariela Malova

Explore the world of waterways in new picture book Frog’s Bog.In Frog’s Bog, debut author and illustrator team Marielle Bayliss and Mariela Malova introduce us to a brilliant new picture book character, Frog, and his many friends. Find out more below: 

Frog is trying to find a place to relax, but his friends keep disturbing him. Frog doesn’t understand why his day cannot go his way. But, learning of his plight, the ever-present bees enlist all the waterside animals to help Frog and, together, they make Frog’s bog the best bog on the waterway.

Frog’s Bog introduces children to a variety of different waterways they can spot in nature, including bogs, ponds, brooks and streams, through flowing rhyming verse and timeless illustrations. The book also features a range of waterside creatures including the dragonfly, kingfisher, glow-worm more, encouraging young readers to engage with wildlife and nature.The book is completed with facts about the different waterways encountered during the story which explains the difference between them.

This is the first book in a new series aimed at showing children the benefits of living in a caring, sharing world and will also be available in Welsh and as an eBook.

'Writing the Frog’s Bog series has enabled me to indulge in everything I love; welly walks, local wildlife and making up stories with silly voices (and terrible accents) for my three daughters. Now it’s time for our Common Frog to entertain other families, hopping from one waterway to the next in his quest for a home and friendship.’ Marielle Bayliss

'I’ve enjoyed illustrating every single page of the book and loved spending time with Frog and his friends from the wetlands! Can’t wait till Spring 2023 when the book is released!’ Mariela Malova

Marielle Bayliss has come to writing from a theatrical background. An actress and singer, she has released two Junior Jingles albums of on iTunes. In her acting career she currently concentrates on commercials, voice overs and corporate films. Marielle is based in London.

Mariela Malova is a London-based artist, illustrator and designer. After studying scenography at the National Academy of Arts, Sofia, Mariela worked in many areas of the visual arts, including set and costume design, stop motion animation, storyboarding, puppet and prop making, photography and graphic design. She then went on to work with Stephen Saleh on her first book, Raggedy Man Tales.

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