Submission Guidelines

New Book Submissions

Submissions by new authors and illustrators are reviewed twice a year 1-10 March and 1-10 September. Unsolicited submissions outside these dates are reviewed at the next available submissions date.

We welcome submissions for book ideas, particularly for illustrated children’s books up to young adult reads. For adults we’re particularly interested in illustrated non-fiction books about heritage, food, travel, arts and culture, wildlife, design and creative activities. Books with the potential of being serialised are of special interest to us. We also have a fiction list which is quite open in subject matter. All submissions must be original works by the author or a collaborative work.

Compile your idea into a brief document with the following information and samples: contact details, a brief description of the idea; an outline of the story or a description and list of the contents, the audience for the book, the age group and audience interest, the purpose of the book, what the reader will take, learn or benefit from the book, a list of chapters or contents, an outline illustration list of drawings, diagrams and photographs, approximate number of words and or pages and the preferred format; small, medium, large, in paperback or hardback.

Tell us about your expertise and experience which qualifies you to work on this project with a sample of your written work, illustrations or photographs taken by you or collaborators in your project.

We are also interested in receiving ideas for gift stationery products such as calendars, cards, postcard sets and series relating to our core subjects.If you’re interested in re-selling the book or gift stationery at events and online, tell us how many copies you might be interested in.

Please email your submission to

Contract book publishing

Enquiries for contract book publishing, please click here to visit our Contract Publishing page.