A Guide to our contract publishing Services

Graffeg develop and publish high quality books in most formats. We also publish books in digital formats for eBooks and audio books. Formats includes paperback and hardback, from small pocket books up to large super-size hardbacks. Our contract publishing service covers the range of stages: 
  • Publishing contracts 
  • Content planning and budgeting
  • Content development
  • Editorial, design, copy-editing
  • Illustration briefings and commissions
  • Photography search and direction
  • Photography briefings and commissions
  • Production and distribution  
  • Digital marketing
  • Sales, print and digital
Graffeg offer a complete publishing service to organisations who require to contract out publishing activities including marketing, sales and distribution through the book trade and online. We cover both domestic and international markets, North America, Europe and all English markets. We offer a complete marketing and project management service with editorial and design, print and digital production management, sales and distribution. 
  • Books: Paperbacks and Hardbacks eBooks and Audio books 
  • Publications: Magazines, News letters, Broadsheets, Brochures and Literature 
  • Reports: Annual Reports, Data Surveys and Reports, Staff Handbooks and Yearbooks 
  • Digital: Mobi, ePub 3.0 and PDF

Planning publications for print and digital

  • 1. Pre-publication
  • 2. Content development
  • 3. Production
  • 4. Marketing 
  • 5. Sales and distribution
We offer a full publishing service which includes researching and developing content, editorial, design, print, distribution, marketing and sales.

We provide outline specifications and quotations for projects and detailed costed proposals once we have a clear understanding of the project. You will have access to all the services relevant to your particular project, with a clear path mapped out through the publishing process.
  • assist with book content, format and presentation
  • recommend publishing project plan
  • timetable and budgets
  • publishing contracts between publisher, author and sponsor 
  • contracts to include publishing fees, timetable, formats, costs and royalties
  • publisher to be the main publishing contractor 
There are a number of stages involved in producing a book and publications. Graffeg will manage the production process from beginning to end. Graffeg work with a team of professionals to research, develop and refine content for books and digital applications.
  • story structure, content, manuscript advice
  • proofreading and copy editing 
  • book format design and specifications
  • book design and illustration
  • illustration commissioning and contracts 
  • proofing and approvals 
Timetables in publishing are very important if a book is to be marketed and sold successfully. Graffeg has considerable experience in meeting deadlines and our good relationships with printers, distributors and retailers mean that we can often manage schedules in a way that individual organisations find difficult. Graffeg offer a full digital production service for creating bespoke eBooks and apps for use on tablets, readers and smartphones. This service can also be used to convert existing print content into digital formats for apps and eBook distribution.
  • book production budgeting
  • production tenders and contracts 
  • print editions and eBooks approvals 
  • deliveries receipt into main distribution hub
  • distribution of advance review copies 
Graffeg uses every available means to market books, both before and after publication. Strategies include: Coverage in local, national and international media, including feature coverage, book reviews and competitions. Regularcommunication with the book-trade, including coverage in trade publications, advertising, and distributor’s listings.Direct contact with book trade buyers, from the smallest bookshop to the largest high street chain. Directmarketing through Graffeg’s own mailing list and social media campaigns, including; Twitter, LinkedIn andFacebook.
  • pre-publication marketing plan and activities. 
  • book Advance Information, AIs flyers to media, trade and schools
  • book data to Nielsen and Onix data feed to the trade
  • book publication launch 
  • post publication marketing and promotion
  • review copies distribution
  • press release distribution
  • social media plan and activities 
  • author interviews and social media links
  • YouTube and instagram videos 
In addition, Graffeg work with specialist book publicists to promote publications to specialist media whereverappropriate. Graffeg has a sales team working on its behalf covering the whole of the UK and Europe, as well as every English speaking country worldwide. This ensures full sales coverage across all trade outlets, tourist information centres, arts venues and other retailers. Graffeg books are also available on the Graffeg shop: www.graffeg.com, via direct marketing, book wholesalers, and through all major online retailers.
  • book distribution, print copies and eBooks 
  • book sales online and through the book trade
  • month end sales reports
  • royalty payments to author and illustrators

Distribution is the key to successful sales in publishing. We distribute throughout the English speaking world through our book wholesaler covering the UK, Ireland, Europe and the rest of the world. We plan active promotions of titles through wholesalers channels to retail market; magazines, newsletters, websites and specialist retail trade subject reviews, such as travel and food.We are in contact with major retailers on a seasonal basis, promoting titles to specialist buyers. We are at the major book fairs in the UK and Europe. Online we supply key retailer accounts such as Amazon and the Book Depository. We have a very effective online sales website www.graffeg.com and we have our books on many other specialist websites. Graffeg offer a book storage and despatch service and order fulfilment, including:
  • contacts with all the major high street retailers
  • accounts with leading distributors in Wales and United Kingdom
  • distribution agreements for North America; USA and Canada
  • warehousing and fulfilment for Wales and United Kingdom
  • sales accounts with all the major online booksellers
  • freephone sales line
  • 24/7 ordering facility
  •  invoicing and credit control


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