Earth Day reads with Graffeg

To celebrate this years Earth Day we thought we'd share some book recommendations that showcase our little blue planet in its best light. From photography books to poetry collections to inspire climate action, we have it all.

Wonders of the Celtic Deep by Dale Templar, Sally Weale and Anne Gallagher

'This is British wildlife off the coast of Wales shot in 4k, and it will totally blow you out of the water.’ Dale Templar

A unique environment created by the confluence of three oceanic and climatic zones, the Welsh coast and its waters teem with life and diversity, documented here as never before. From seals and seabirds gathered along this celebrated coastline to the species to be found in the depths of the Celtic Sea, along with the behind-the-scenes challenges and triumphs of this landmark TV series, delve with the team into the wildlife wonders waiting to be discovered.

Wales: A Photographer’s Journey by David Wilson.

Wales: A Photographer’s Journey is a collection of over 150 black and white images by noted Welsh landscape photographer David Wilson.

In this, his second book, David takes the reader on a unique visual journey through Wales; from Snowdonia in the north to Gower in the south, Pembrokeshire in the west to Hay-on-Wye in the east. Each location forms the subject of its own photographic essay, including insight into technique and composition. David’s exploration of his art captures the landscape of Wales in a new, exciting and evocative way.

Breathtaking, enchanting and at the same time challenging, this book will, quite simply, bring Wales alive.

This is How the Change Begins by Nicola Davies

This is How the Change Begins is a collection of six illuminating poems inspired by the growing threat of climate change. From a consideration of our carbon footprints by way of Islamic mathematician Alhazen, the impact shifting weather conditions are having and will continue to have on our events and celebrations and the choices we have to make to turn the tide, these remarkable poems brilliantly confront the recognisable realities of the climate crisis with bold and lyrical language. Including background notes on the themes behind them, each poem has been typographically designed and arranged to best communicate these essential messages.

‘With a heatwave in the Arctic

and New York under snow

and a little mountain pika

with no place left to go

This is how

This is how

This is how the change begins’ 

From ‘This is How the Change Begins’ by Nicola Davies

Under Celtic Skies by Kersten Howard

Pembrokeshire, set out on the south-western tip of Wales, is famous for its wide open spaces, beautiful scenery, collection of historic buildings and monuments and its stunning coastline. As one of Britain’s most popular holiday destinations this beautiful county attracts millions of visitors each year. Under Celtic Skies is a collection of panoramic images which celebrate the open spaces and amazing colours that can be found in Pembrokeshire, Wales throughout the year. The work of Pembrokeshire-born photographer Kersten Howard, the book explores both inland and coastal Pembrokeshire through a new collection of 50 images in both full-colour and black and white, all arranged with an eye to both geography and season. Includes extended captions throughout.

Upland by Andrew Fusek Peters

‘The country that lies between the dimpled lands of England and the gaunt purple steeps of Wales, half in Faery, half out of it.’ Mary Webb

Upland is an exploration of the wildlife and landscape of the Long Mynd and the Stiperstones, in stunning photography and lyrical nature writing by Andrew Fusek Peters, author of critically-acclaimed wild swimming memoir Dip.

Commissioned by the National Trust and Natural England for their major environmental project, Stepping Stones, Andrew found more than simply a catalogue of flora and fauna. Instead he delivers a vivid and poetic evocation of being in the landscape; of its capacity to move us, and the necessary efforts which must be made to preserve it.

The Nature Book Series edited by Jane Russ

The vision with the Nature Book series is that we wanted to create a compact, accessible wildlife book series, exploring our relationship with some of Britain’s best-loved wild creatures, from the Bumblebee to the Red Squirrel, there is a book for everyone. 

The next book in the series will be The Otter Book by Jo Byrne. Through informative chapters ranging from the physiological and environmental to the otter’s inclusion in myth, legend, art and literature, The Otter Book is an ideal guide to its subject for all nature lovers, beautifully illustrated throughout with brand new photography and artwork.

Other books in the series

101 Rare Plants of Walesby Lauren Mirrinan and Tim Rich

Wales has a rich and varied flora of about 1200 native and anciently-introduced flowering plants, conifers and ferns.

Amongst these are many special plants ranging from arctic-alpine relics of the last Ice Age to recently evolved species and medicinal herbs. They range from short-lived annual grasses to long-lived trees and vary ecologically from those growing on the sea shores to those on the tops of mountains.

Some are widespread around the world and some are endemics only found in Wales. The aim of this book is to celebrate 101 of our rarer Welsh plants, to summarise what is currently known about them and to raise their profile in the national consciousness.

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