Help Your Bookshop

When you order a book from this website, put the name of your favourite independent bookshop into the ‘add a note to your order’ box on the cart page before proceeding to checkout and Graffeg will give 25% commission to that bookshop.

Graffeg are pleased to announce the launch of an initiative which we hope will offer some support to independent bookshops throughout the UK.

‘Help your Bookshop’ offers a 25% trade commission to bookshops for customer orders placed on Graffeg’s website

During the current pandemic, High Street stores have been hit hard. Shops are unable to open their doors to their loyal and supportive customers; promotional activity such as author talks and signing sessions have been cancelled, and all events, festivals and the like have been called off, seemingly for months to come. As a result a large number of retail staff have been furloughed and trade suspended as businesses try to minimise costs in order to make it to the other side of this crisis.

On the book distribution front things are little better, with major wholesalers and retailers either closing or drastically reducing their operations to keep their workforce safe. Consequently, for a publisher like Graffeg, the route to market for books is more difficult than ever. If a customer wants a book, how can they buy it and, in particular, how can they buy it in such a way as supports their favourite high street retailer?

This is where Graffeg’s ‘Help your Bookshop’ scheme comes in. From Friday 24 April, any purchase made on for books, cards, posters or gifts can trigger a 25% trade commission payment to a bookshop. All a customer has to do is let us know the name of their local bookshop when they are placing an order and we will pay 25% of the value of their order to that bookshop. By adding the name of their favourite bookshop to the ‘add a note to your order’ section of the checkout, anyone buying a book or gift from Graffeg can do so knowing they are buying the book they want and, at the same time, supporting their local retailer.

We appreciate that the best way to support a shop is to buy from them directly, and we sincerely applaud those retailers who are doing their very best at the moment to maintain their businesses in whatever way they can. However, we are also aware that some shops are less geared up to trade in the same way. We hope that, through the Help your Bookshop scheme, we can offer some support to everyone.

How it works:
1. A customer adds items to their cart on
2. At the 'view cart' stage, the customer adds the name of a bookshop to the ‘add a note to your order’ box.

3. The customer then proceeds to checkout and completes their order.

4. Graffeg will then pay 25% of the order value to the nominated retailer

Please note:
This scheme applies to retail outlets located in the UK only. Payments to shops will be made monthly and will be made via BACS, subject to a minimum of £10 being payable. There is no need for shops to register with Graffeg for this scheme, but Graffeg will need to contact shops to obtain their bank details prior to any payment being made. Should Graffeg be unable to make contact with a shop or establish a satisfactory method of payment then, after six months, the payment will lapse. Commission will be paid on all items sold on except prints or other items not directly published by Graffeg. Commission will be calculated as being 25% of the value received by Graffeg from products only, it will not include any amounts paid by the customer towards VAT or shipping. Commission will only be payable on orders paid for in full by customers and will not be payable on orders which are cancelled or refunded. Customer information will not be shared with shops but will remain confidential to Graffeg.

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