Pre-publication copies of Lord of the Forest available to all indies across the UK for Independent Bookshop Week

We have received so much support over the years from indies across the UK, so we thought as a token of our gratitude we'd offer pre-publication copies of one of our biggest books of 2022, Lord of the Forest by Caroline Pitcher, Jackie Morris to all UK bricks-and-mortar bookshops.

Independent bookshops contribute so much to society. They're staffed with book experts who are wildly passionate about reading and getting the right book into the right hands, they bring vitality to our high streets, work with local communities and champion reading for pleasure. Independent bookshops have real passion, real people and real conversations. You can find out more about the books below:

For Little Tiger, everything he hears in the forest is exciting and new. But each time he tells his mother, she replies, ‘When you don’t hear them, my son, be ready. The Lord of the Forest is here!’

Tiger is puzzled and asks his friends – strutting Peacock, blundering Rhino and trumpeting Elephant – to help him decide: Who is the Lord of the Forest?

This book is now available to order from all the usuals: Gardners, CBS, Books Council Wales and of course, us! We love to see our books out in the world, so send in your pics on Twitter and Instagram and tag us.

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