Summer Solstice with The Joy Bringers

Today is the summer solstice, the longest day north of the Equator. Spread some magic to mark the beginning of summer with our favourite felted friends, The Joy Bringers.

'As spring gives way to summer, the bluebells ring in the foxgloves. At the midsummer solstice, as the Earth dances and laughs flowers, folk gather to feast and dance and sing. Some light fires to jump for courage. Young ones play hide and seek and swim and run and jump. Their laughter floats out across the bright summer skies.'

Have you ever been taken by surprise by an idea? Or a long-forgotten memory that brings a sudden smile to your lips? A moment of wonder, a recognition of beauty, a spark of inspiration; we’ve all enjoyed the magic that comes with the unexpected. But where does that magic come from? Who hides it for us to find, and puts it where we least expect it? The Joy Bringers. A book of hidden delights.

"The Joy Bringers celebrates summer and all those sparks of joy we can create from contented campfire evenings reminiscing, to giggling with sandcastles and splashy waves. The summer tricksy creatures play hide and seek with those sparks of joy and hide them for others to find. We find them in those small beauties in our days, a feather in our path, a butterfly on a leaf, the moon, a cup of tea with a friend, an inspiration."

Karin Celestine, author of The Joy Bringers.

Karin Celestine featured in the Western Mail, the national newspaper of Wales, on June 29th to discuss The Joy Bringers, and the importance of finding beautiful moments of joy even when times are challenging. 

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