World Kid Lit Month with Graffeg

This September is #WorldKidLitMonth. World Kid Lit Month is an annual celebration of world literature for children and young adults that takes place all September long. It’s the perfect time to share the international books and children’s book creators you’ve discovered this year. Whether it’s on social media, at home, at school, or at your local library, September is the time to explore and share children’s/YA books, authors, and illustrators from other countries besides your own, and books translated into English from other languages.

Take a look to find out which books we'll be celebrating this month.

I am an Artist by Kertu Sillaste originally published in Estonian and expertly translated into English by Adam Cullen

What is an artist? Sometimes John finds art easy, sometimes it’s hard, sometimes art is like a game, but sometimes it’s a puzzle. This book takes us through the many ups and downs of John’s life as an artist whilst also showing the fun that can be had with many different artforms, including drawing, sculpture, painting, photography and many more.

Being an artist is about being brave, frustrated and disappointed. But it’s also about being creative, imaginative, excited and fulfilled - which makes it a wonderful thing for all children to say with confidence ... ‘I am an ARTIST!’

This picture book has received much high praise:

'This book is a real delight. It is a work of wit and of insight into what it means to be an artist. It will appeal both to children and to the adults who give it to them. Anyone interested in art will get pleasure from it, the very imaginative illustrations, the beautiful production and the tender insight of the text. I love it!' William Wilkins

The George the Wombat series by Eva Papoušková and Galina Miklínová originally published in Czech and expertly translated into English by Alexandra Büchler.

George the Wombat

A tender, humorous picture book helping to introduce potty training to young children through the character of George the Wombat. George wants to play, but Mummy Wombat tells him he has to use the potty before he leaves. George is finding it very difficult until he gets some advice from his friends and Papa Wombat and he is finally successful!

George the Brave

George the Wombat journeys outside of his burrow and into a dark forest, where he meets a wily and cunning fox. The fox likes the look of George for dinner and George is so scared he can’t move! Can George get the courage to show the fox his brave side and get away from danger using a tactic only a wombat would know?

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