Leap, Hare, Leap by Dom Conlon and Anastasia Izlesou book page environmental poetic picture book
Leap, Hare, Leap by Dom Conlon and Anastasia Izlesou book page environmental poetic picture book
Leap, Hare, Leap by Dom Conlon and Anastasia Izlesou book page environmental poetic picture book
Leap, Hare, Leap by Dom Conlon and Anastasia Izlesou book page environmental poetic picture book

Leap, Hare, Leap!

Dom Conlon and Anastasia Izlesou
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Age 3-7 | Paperback | 36 pages | 250 x 250mm
Publication June 2021 | ISBN 9781914079184

Leap hand-in-paw with Hare to meet her furry cousins from America to Japan and from Europe to the Arctic, in this poetic account of habitats and predators across the world.

The first book in the Wild Wanderers series written by Dom Conlon and illustrated by Anastasia Izlesou. From the leap of a hare and the gentlest breeze to a blazing star and ancient trees, Wild Wanderers is a series of poetic exploration which will inspire children across the world. Each book takes a gentle and lyrical journey through biodiversity, environment and challenges to unlock a world of wonder.

Future books in the series:
  • Grow, Tree, Grow! 
  • Fly, Butterfly, Fly! 
  • Flow, Water, Flow! 
  • Run, Cat, Run! 
  • Burn, Fire, Burn! 
  • Stomp, Elephant, Stomp! 
  • Bloom, Flower, Bloom! 
  • Dig, Ant, Dig! 

Dom Conlon is a poet and, whether talking on BBC Radio Lancashire or running workshops for children, Dom's work is guided by nature and the stars. Dom's work has been praised by award-winning writers such as Nicola Davies, George Szirtes and Chris Riddell.

Anastasia Izlesou is a multidisciplinary illustrator and designer from the UK. Using a mix of digital and traditional media, she creates vibrant work full of bold natural elements. The White Hare was Anastasia's first published book.


'This is my first introduction to Dom Conlon’s Wild Wanderer series and I loved his use of poetry to recreate the pattern and life of the wind, complimented by such colourful and stimulating illustrations. He has successfully created a living piece of literature that evokes all sorts of images and experiences the reader/listener may have and cleverly captures the life and forms of the wind in its journey across Earth.

As a former teacher, I see this as a lovely way of introducing poetry to a class whilst tapping into the children’s prior knowledge of the wind and developing their understanding of word use to engage a reader.’ - Christian Ritchie, Scottish Book Trust

'This latest addition shows that the whole ‘The Wild Wanderers’ series, with its range of animal and Nature themes, will be well worth collecting; each one so far has been a verbal and visual delight.' Kate Hitchings, Just Imagine

'Extraordinary, filled with life and wonder, this is a marvellous book to share with children, bringing an understanding of this mysterious phenomenon, adding to their command of language and taking them on a magical journey. Simply enchanting in every way.' - Mary Esther Judy, FallenStar Stories

'I am a huge fan of picture books that can be used with all ages and these are delightful and perfect for sharing. As you turn each page, you are magically transported across lands and sea, following the path the wind forges, all the while repeating the refrain over and over, “Blow, Wind, Blow”. We see weak winds, strong, gusty and devastating winds as it blows across deserts, jungles and oceans. The illustrations are works of art and offer plenty for the reader to experience, from movement to shapes and culture. An inspired series and there is plenty more to come- this is one series to collect.' - Erin Hamilton, My Shelves are Full

'A whirlwind journey round the world past deserts, coastlines and forests. Wonderful wheezy words by Dom Conlon and brilliant breezy pics by Anastasia Izlesou.' - Simon Fisher, Family Bookworms

'...readers and listeners are treated to an exhilarating worldwide adventure related through Dom Conlon’s poem that in combination with Anastasia Izlesou’s powerful images of the elemental force and the consequences of its movements, create a mesmerising fusion of art and science.' - Jill Bennett, Red Reading Hub

'Blow, Wind, Blow by Dom Conlon and Anastasia Izlesou is a beautifully illustrated, lyrically told picture book. A trip around the world & this time with the wind. A perfect read aloud book as it’s such a rhythmical story, with so much to learn about the wind. An utterly brilliant series' - Jo Bowers

'The artwork is fabulous, completely capturing the feel of the wind, and the lyrical text captures it too, as the author uses alliteration and onomatopoeia brilliantly.' - It's All About Stories

'While the book is a great and fun read for children and adults alike, I just feel so compelled to constantly look at all the images and love how simple yet so interesting and fun this book is.' - The Strawberry Post

'I genuinely have not seen such an expansive exploration of a weather element in a picture book before' - Nayu's Reading Corner

'A book to sweep readers around the world on the back of the wind

‘Lawn-prowler, mist-parter’ wind is small and weak at the beginning of this lyrical, gorgeously illustrated picture book. But, ‘heat-snatcher, pressure-catcher’, it borrows strength from the Earth and with a huff and a puff, grows big and strong, sweeping across the globe, snatching up a seed and helicoptering it far and wide, across oceans and deserts to eventually deposit it in the Amazon soil, ‘like a flag on a newly found moon’. Dom Conlon’s poet-perfect words whirl and fly as light and powerful as the wind, while Anastasia Izlesou’s sumptuous, atmospheric illustrations slide in a page turn from the heat of a sandstorm in Chad to the darkness of an Atlantic storm and the uncontrolled wild beauty of a Florida hurricane. A page of Wind Facts delves into words and ideas that might be unfamiliar, and this is both informative and inspiring.' Andrea Reece, LoveReading4Kids

'It’s wonderfully lyrical and a joy to read aloud.' - Carolyn Boyd, The School Librarian

"I absolutely love Dom Conlon and his work. It's always such a joy to read and I adore the links into the natural world. They're (the Wild Wanderers series) brilliantly written and with the most clever illustration from Anastasia Izlesou. Anastasia manages to capture Dom's words so wonderfully well." - Sarah Burns