Through the Eyes of Me - Signed Edition
Through the Eyes of Me - Signed Edition
Through the Eyes of Me - Signed Edition
Through the Eyes of Me - Signed Edition
Through the Eyes of Me - Signed Edition
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Through the Eyes of Me - Signed Edition

Jon Roberts and Hannah Rouding
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Age 5-7 | Paperback | 32 pages | 250 x 250mm
Publication August 2017 | ISBN 9781912213009

Limited number of signed copies available.

Through the Eyes of Me is a beautiful, colourful, illustrated book for children that allows a glimpse into the world of a child with autism. Readers will meet 4-year-old Kya who loves to run, read, look at … and rip up … stickers. Discover why Kya does certain things, doesn’t like some things, and really, really loves other things.

This wonderful book is an ideal and engaging tool for teaching children about autism and about life as a child with autism. Through the Eyes of Me was written by Jon Roberts when his 4-year-old daughter, Kya, was diagnosed with severe autism. Together with his wife Sarah they hope that, by recording and sharing Kya’s lovely little quirks, they will help encourage a greater degree of understanding amongst siblings, classmates….in fact anyone who knows someone on the autism spectrum.

By Jon Roberts. Illustration by Hannah Rounding.

Through the Eyes of Me was longlisted for the Cogan Diversity Picture Book Award 2019.

Cliciwch yma am rifyn Cymraeg

Books by Jon Roberts and Hannah Rounding:


‘What a lovely book – it gets the understanding across whilst showing the normality and uniqueness of Kya. I would love to read this to my children one day.’ Amy Willerton, TV presenter and model

‘Delightfully told and beautifully illustrated, Through the Eyes of Me will help siblings, classmates and anyone who knows a child on the autism spectrum.’ Scope

‘A beautiful story about a beautiful girl. We wish you all the best for August and hope others love Kya’s story as much as we do.’ National Autistic Association Cymru

‘Jon has created a beautiful book in praise of his amazing daughter. The illustrations are captivating and I love the way it highlights the world through the eyes of a young person on the autism spectrum.’ Anna Kennedy OBE

‘This beautiful and charming book captures the true delights of being autistic.’ Alan Gardner, The Autistic Gardner

‘Through the eyes of me’ is a great children’s book that looks at what life is like for Kya as a young autistic girl. It’s done in a simple, easy to follow and extremely positive way that I feel could be helpful to other autistic children and many children in general to simply understand autism.’ Alex Lowery, autistic public speaker and trainer on autism

‘A sensitive and illuminating account of life as a child with autism, inspired by the author’s daughter. […] The enchanting and playful pen and wash illustrations, by Hannah Rounding, compliment the eye catching and engaging text. A perfect introduction for children and adults, to help raise awareness and understanding about autism.’ Book of the Week 19 August 2017, South Wales Evening Post

‘Through The Eyes of Me is an adorable, heart-warming celebration of a child with autism. Written by Jon Roberts and inspired by his daughter, we learn of the everyday pleasures and quirks of four-year-old Kya. Broader than this, it is a celebration of the individual and what makes us who we are. The picture book is brimming with delightfully playful illustrations by Hannah Rounding who expertly conveys Kya’s world with charm and love.’ Family Book Worms

‘[The book] comes from the heart as it is inspired by the author’s experiences of raising his own daughter with the condition. Autism is such a hard condition to understand, so this book will be welcomed as an ideal tool for encouraging an understanding of Autism for both children and their families.’ Parents in Touch

‘It’s written about a little girl with autism and gives examples of how she sees the world on every page. It’s not so much a ‘traditional story’ but every page is a starting point for a discussion. When Leon’s sister is a little older, I am hoping it will help her to understand why Leon does the things he does sometimes. She may even use it to educate her friends. […] We love books in this house and that is why I love this one, the subject matter is close to our hearts and the illustrations are just beautiful! Plus the size and feel of the book is spot on for us as these big paperbacks are the perfect size and texture that both my kids currently love.’ Leon’s Journey

‘Beautifully written and illustrated children’s book, great introduction to understanding #autism. An important book!’ Carrie Grant

‘Told in the first person, the book delivers a simple but effective glimpse into Kya’s life, with help from her father (the author). We see that one of the ways in which she might differ from some children is that she has autism. The book explains, for example, that sometimes she has difficulty understanding risks and communicating with friends. Alongside this, it offers some helpful tips to help readers better understand and support children who, like Kya, are on the autistic spectrum, such as using their name when you speak. Beautifully effective artwork and uncluttered layout complete this delightful portrait.’ BookTrust

‘a wonderful description of the world of an autistic child… The beautiful illustrations, in soft muted colours, are filled with detail, and merge with the varied and colourful text, taking the reader through each page. There is also a list of useful links to websites and organisations for further information, help and advice… Life can be confusing and challenging for an autistic child; this book supports those around them to understand their world. It helps to raise awareness of their condition and would also be good to use in discussion with their friends, siblings and classmates. Although it is aimed at a younger age group, it would be suitable for older children too. Above all, however, it is a celebration of the uniqueness of the individual.’ The School Librarian