See What I Can Do!
See What I Can Do!
See What I Can Do!
See What I Can Do!
See What I Can Do!
See What I Can Do!
See What I Can Do!
See What I Can Do!

See What I Can Do!

Jon Roberts and Hannah Rouding
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Age 5-7 | Paperback | 36 pages | 250 x 250mm
Publication June 2021 | ISBN 9781913733896

Every child is different. Some are loud, they love talking and showing off. Others are quiet and like to be on their own. Some have disabilities that you can see, while others have disabilities that may not be so obvious. We are all unique. We all have our own lives, our own dreams, and our own talents. Let’s see what we can do.

In this gently-told but immensely informative new picture book Jon Roberts tells the stories of a number of children with a variety of disabilities inspired by the real-life experiences of his daughter, Kya who is on the autistic spectrum, and some of her friends.

A variety of conditions, including autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, ADHD, Down's Syndrome, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, epilepsy and asthma are introduced for young readers, discussing how the challenges of each affect children both in a school setting and outside and how they engage in activities they love.

80% of royalties from the sale of this book will go towards the work of Scope and Sarah’s Trust.

Cliciwch yma am rifyn Cymraeg

Books by Jon Roberts and Hannah Rounding:

    Jon Roberts is the author of two previous titles from Graffeg, Through the Eyes of Me and Through the Eyes of Us, two picture books illustrated by Hannah Rounding which are based on the life experiences of his daughter Kya, who has severe autism, and introducing children to the condition and the nuances of Kya’s character.

    Hannah Rounding is a freelance artist and illustrator based in Cardigan, West Wales. Hannah uses art as a tool to improve personal and community wellbeing, with experience working in the UK charity sector and over 10 years working within International Development, while her freelance work combines a wide variety of community arts projects alongside commissioned illustration work. Her work with Graffeg includes illustrations for the picture books Through the Eyes of Me and Through the Eyes of Us, the previous two titles by Jon Roberts, and What Can You See? by Jason Korsner.


    "Teachers - you really ought to have this book in your classroom. Every one of you will have a child with a difference in your class or your school. This is the best book ever for explaining and championing those differences." - Sarah Siggs.

    "The book shows all the things that neurotypical and non-Disabled people do, but it shows Disabled people doing them. This is important because of course we can do these things too. It makes us aware that we can do anything as Disabled people. We just might need to do them a bit differently." - Aurelia, aged 10, Disability Rights UK

    "Page after page of stories to encourage exploration and understanding of differences and ignite the determination and imagination of children, parents and teachers, this special book is a fantastic resource for the classroom or to share at home. Reassuring and informative, colourful and lively, positive, meaningful and truly delightful. This book is a joy!" - Mary Esther Judy, Fallen Star Stories

    "An orchestra has many instruments that harmonise together to create a wonderful sound. Humans each have strengths and weaknesses, but we need them all to create a vibrant world. This book beautifully demonstrates that." Professor Tom Shakespeare 

    "Inclusive and inspiring, this beautifully illustrated picture book ought to be in every primary classroom and on family bookshelves." - Jill Bennett, Red Reading Hub

    "Subtitled 'An introduction to differences' it joyfully celebrates and raises awareness of a diverse range of disabilities through real-life stories. Brilliantly done - clear and colourful and vibrant in its positivity." - Simon Fisher, Family Bookworms

    "These snippets into life would be wonderful to share with a class so they can learn to understand and empathise with these children. The children sharing their stories are positive, proud and accepting of differences in those around them and themselves. Completely wonderful!" - Erin Hamilton, My Shelves are Full

    '...a wonderful resource  to prompt discussion and empathy, but is also valuable for the children who live with these daily challenges and may need to see them themselves reflected in such a positive way.' - Joy Court, LoveReading4Kids

    'A beautiful book that celebrates individuality, empathy and understanding.' - Booktrust

    See What I Can Do! is an introduction to diversity and differences in children. Each double-page spread describes children with disabilities, explaining the disability but also focusing on their abilities and talents' - Andrea Rayner, The School Librarian

    "Celebrating diversity positively, this book really ‘sees’ the children’s experiences with different abilities in a creative way. Rounding’s illustrations are vibrant, colourful and full of movement as they draw you into the children’s lives. The stories are brimming with confidence and recognition of their ‘everyday’ with friends and family. ‘If I could tell my story …’ is echoed throughout to start the conversation of positive awareness from home to the classroom and playground and beyond, creating an interconnecting picture of diversity that impacts all our lives." - Children's Books Ireland

    'A very useful tool for helping children (and adults) understand the impacts of disabilities on daily life, while also showing that everyone, regardless of health conditions is cable of doing amazing things.' - Vicki Martin, Toddle About