Wish You Were Here Europe

Wish You Were Here Europe

Terry Stevens
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Paperback  |  244 pages  |  250 x 200mm
Publication 26 November 2021  |  ISBN 9781802580198

This book will give tourists and travellers a description of each of 50 leading destinations from around Europe with a personal explanation offering an insight as to why, and how, these destinations consistently deliver high-quality visitor experiences.

In addition to the 36 European destinations featured in Wish You Were Here, this European edition of the book also includes information on West Dorset (UK), Bergamo (Italy), Bordeaux (France), Brda (Slovenia), Vyoske Tatry (Slovakia), Cornwall (UK), San Sebastian (Spain), Podcetrek (Slovenia), Trieste (Italy), The Wadden Sea (Denmark), Cardiff (UK), Basel (Belgium), North Pembrokeshire (UK) and Valletta (Malta).

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