Emma Bettridge pens new YA romance novel to be published by Cadno

Emma Bettridge pens new YA romance novel, published by Cadno 

16 November 2023 

Cadno are pleased to announce their first YA novel, written by Emma Bettridge. The Ranch at the End of the World is a romantic adventure story featuring an LGBTQ+ character from an author who is also part of the community. This will be Emma’s first YA novel, published by Cadno, a Graffeg imprint, with the financial support of the Books Council of Wales. Emma has previously published two picture books with Graffeg, Goodbye Hobbs and Red is Home. 

Emma Bettridge says, ‘The Graffeg team are a little bit magic. Their vision, care and attention to detail is so special and I am beyond delighted that my first Young Adult book will be published under their new imprint Cadno.’ 

Matthew Howard, Publishing Director of Graffeg, adds, ‘The Ranch at the End of the World is one of those stories that arrives as a submission and then haunts you until you publish it. As a first foray into YA it's a real tour de force and we’re delighted to be working with Emma on publishing it as part of our Cadno imprint. With issues of identity and understanding at its heart, it really does capture what our new venture is all about.’ 

Publishing Director Matthew Howard and Managing Director Peter Gill acquired the worldwide rights for the book directly from the author. 

The Ranch at the End of the World 

Nell Dart has been kicked out of school and onto a bus, taking her to the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a group of other ‘dropouts’ trying to find themselves in the hills of rural Wales. Having left behind her first love, Soph, Nell embarks on an adventure which leads to her following a trail of blood left by a stolen horse and spending a night alone with Fran in the forest. This is an adventure story, a love story and a story of trying to look beyond first impressions. 

The Ranch at the End of the World is publishing October 2024. 

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