Life Force by Louise Fletcher

Life Force by Louise Fletcher is a stunning sequence of 34 abstract artworks, each taking their inspiration from the poetry of former UK poet laureate Ted Hughes (1930–1998) and the evocative setting of the Yorkshire moors.

With quotations from Hughes’s work included alongside the pieces they provoked, moving commentary by Louise detailing their background and inclusive of preliminary sketches and photography, this wonderfully produced hardback documents a journey through both literature and the landscape.

Appealing to a broad audience of artists and potential artists, appreciators of the work of Hughes and all who are interested in contemporary art and the relationship between poetry and the visual, this reflection on the artistic process provides a personal insight into how great writers can continue to move us so profoundly and stimulate the work showcased here.

Louise Fletcher is a mixed-media visual artist based in North Yorkshire. Her multi-layered, semi-abstract pieces focus on the character of the environment in which she lives and her deep connection to the place and its history. Louise co-hosts Art Juice, a podcast in which she discusses the practical and philosophical aspects of life as a practising artist.

What Louise says: "I’m so proud of this book. It's been a true labour of love!

I believe that the artist’s role is to light the way, to show others what is possible, to provide a glimpse into the majesty of it all. I think this means we must make honest, personal and authentic work. But I also think it means we must share ourselves… only by sharing all that we are, and all that art entails, can we truly fulfil our purpose.

So in this book, I’m sharing it all - the initial thoughts, the investigations, the sketches, the reading… the whole of my creative process. This was an ambitious project and want you to experience it all. You will come with me into my studio, you will follow me up onto the moors, and you will sit with me late at night as I wrestle with doubt. You will learn about my process, discover my approach to colour, and follow my quest to develop a visual language suited to these amazing poems. And finally of course, you’ll view the entire series of 34 paintings, beautifully photographed in perfect colour.

By the end of the book, I hope you’ll feel inspired, energised and excited. And I hope you’ll pick up a copy of Ted Hughes Selected Poems!"

Life Force arrived in the Llanelli office this week where the team are working hard to get all pre-orders sent out. Head over to Bird Eye Books to pre-order your copy today.

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