Two Graffeg books longlisted for the School Library Association’s Information Book Award 2023

Two Graffeg titles by Nicola Davies, Choose Love,illustrated by Petr Horáček, and Invertebrates are Cool!,illustrated by Abbie Cameron, have been longlisted forthe School Library Association’s (SLA) Information BookAward.

The Information Book Award is designed to supportschool libraries and reinforce the importance of nonfictionwhilst also highlighting the high standard ofresources available. This year’s longlist is made up of31 titles, drawing on themes of cultural diversity, healthand wellbeing and STEM subjects.

Choose Love

Nicola Davies & Petr Horáček

Format: Hardback, 300 x 200mm, 48pp

ISBN 9781802583779


Choose Love is a cycle of poems that highlights theexperience of those forced to become refugees. The coreof the collection was written in 2018 as part of a projectwith the charity Refugee Trauma Initiative. With thepermission of both individual refugees and aid workers,RTI shared with Nicola a number of true and poignantstories which were then used as the basis for shortformpoems. Over the following years Nicola has addedto this core of poems to create a coherent collectionon the theme of forced migration, its wider causes andconsequences.

Invertebrates are Cool!

Nicola Davies & Abbie Cameron

Format: Paperback, 250 x 250mm, 36pp

ISBN 9781912213696


In Invertebrates are Cool! we join the young adventureras she discovers the delights of nature and the wideworld of invertebrates, including worms, snails, slugs,beetles, butterflies and those found deep in the sea likethe octopus, squid and more. This title has also beenshortlisted for the English Association’s English 4-11Picture Book Awards 2023, presented by the EnglishAssociation to the best children’s picture books of theyear. The winning titles are chosen by the editorialboard of English 4-11, the journal for primary teacherspublished by the English Association and the UnitedKingdom Literacy Association, from a shortlist selectedby a panel of teachers and primary specialists.

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