Back to School with Graffeg!

The summer holidays are slowly coming to an end, which means one thing – it's the back to school season! Whether you're looking forward to the children being back with their friends or wish the holidays could last just a little bit longer, what better way is there to spend these final days of summer than reading with your young ones?

Through the Eyes of Us

Jon Roberts and Hannah Rounding

ISBN 9781912654802

Through the Eyes of Us is a beautiful picture book giving an insight into the world of children with autism.

In this second book of the series, Kya is now going to school and has a best friend, Martha, who is also on the autistic spectrum but expresses herself very differently. Whilst Kya is quiet in the class, Martha is talkative and asks lots of questions. Both enjoy the sensation of eating, but Martha doesn’t understand that she can eat too much. Both like a bedtime routine, but whilst Kya can keep going until late at night, Martha knows when she is tired and takes herself to bed.

Imagine Eating Lemons

Jason Rhodes and Richard Dearing

ISBN 9781802580891

Imagine Eating Lemons is the perfect tool to introduce young children to mindfulness. 

Chester Chestnut is a happy little chap, but sometimes even the happiest of chaps get worried or nervous and when this happens Chester’s tummy starts to hurt. Follow the journey of Chester Chestnut as he learns about his anxious thoughts and feelings, where they come from and how to control them.

The Academy of Barmy Composers: Classical

Mark Llewelyn Evans and Karl Davies

ISBN 9781912213870

Discover the thrilling story of opera with Jack, Megan and the time-travelling Trunk. A school trip takes Jack and Megan to the Natural History Museum, London, where they are reunited with their old friend Trunk. Freeing him from an exhibit, they are whisked back to the Classical period (c. 1730-1820) and the cities of Salzburg and Paris. Here they learn all about this momentous era in musical history from the creators themselves.

Tasked with taking the music and stories of Windy Wolfie (Mozart, the penniless prodigy), Riotous Rossini (the king of the dining table) and the moody and resilient Bilious Beethoven back to the present, Jack and Megan soon find themselves caught up in the return of the Queen of the Night, Mozart’s most evil creation. Who will win the day and can Jack and Megan keep their heads off the block?

The New Girl

Nicola Davies and Cathy Fisher

ISBN 9781913733605

A child starts a new school in a strange new town. The children in her class are hostile towards her and unhappy about the stranger in their midst, refusing to include her. The girl’s response is to create something beautiful that transforms their attitude towards her and their vision of themselves and their own lives in this inspiring story.

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