Jackie Morris nominated for a Hans Christian Andersen Award

We are delighted to announce that the fantastic Jackie Morris has been nominated for a Hans Christian Andersen Award. 

The Hans Christian Andersen Award is the highest international recognition given to an author and an illustrator of children's books. It recognises lifelong achievements and celebrates artists that have made an important, lasting contribution to children's literature. 

"I love putting paint on paper. I’ve realised it’s the act of creating that I enjoy, I love it when I’m doing it. Painting is my favourite, putting colour on paper and making shapes. And I love writing. You know when you are reading you get transported somewhere else and the whole world falls away around you? Writing is like that but ten times more. I love it when you catch a story - no when it catches you - and everything falls away, for a while you are somewhere else. Utter escapism."

Lord of the Forest

Caroline Pitcher & Jackie Morris

Everything little Tiger hears is new and exciting. When he tells his mother of the sounds all around him she reminds him ‘When you don’t hear them, my son, be ready. The Lord of the Forest is here!’ But who is the Lord of the Forest, and when will Tiger find out?

Hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg.

The Ice Bear

Jackie Morris

The Ice Bear, originally published in 2010, has been re-imagined in this deluxe large-format edition. This new edition portrays each of Jackie’s paintings as originally intended, displaying the whole of each painting, printed on a smooth off-white uncoated paper.

In distant, icy, northern lands, the ice bear has given birth to two tiny cubs. As she sleeps, Raven the trickster steals one cub away, dropping him as a human child in the path of a hunter and his wife. The childless hunter and his wife rejoice at this wonderful gift and hold their new-found child close. As the years pass, the ice bear never forgets her second cub and pines for what she has lost to humans.

Tell Me a Dragon

Jackie Morris

Dragons come in every shape and size. In lyrical words and breathtaking pictures, children describe their dragons – and in a final gathering of fire, scales and claws you can imagine your own special dragon.

In this enchanting picture book by award-winning artist and author Jackie Morris, explore a world of dragons through lyrical text and beautifully realised illustrations. Now available in this large, high-quality production format for full enjoyment of the artwork and the fantastical creatures it presents.

Hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg.

About Jackie Morris

An internationally best-selling author, artist and illustrator, Jackie Morris has over thirty years’ experience in writing and illustrating books. Amongst her many titles, East of the Sun has been nominated for the Carnegie Medal, Little Evie in the Wild Wood and Something About a Bear have been nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal and The Lost Words received the prize in 2019. Jackie was also the winner of the prestigious Hay Medal for illustration in 2018.

Other titles by Jackie Morris published by Graffeg include the Welsh-language edition of The Lost Words – Geiriau Diflanedig, Tell Me a Dragon, The Snow Leopard and The Ice Bear.

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