The Versatile Reptile by Nicola Davies and Abbie Cameron

Explore the versatile world of reptiles with award winning children’s author and zoologist Nicola Davies

A new addition to the Animal Surprises series sees the young adventurer travel the globe meeting some of the world’s most versatile creatures: reptiles. On her journey she meets snakes, lizards, crocodiles, turtles, geckos and even a dragon, teaching children about where they live, what they eat and how they have adapted to survive.

Award-winning children’s author and zoologist Nicola Davies presents key facts about some of the world’s most recognisable reptiles in a simple and easy-to-understand rhyming text. Accompanied by fun, colourful but accurately detailed illustrations of the creatures by Abbie Cameron, this text is perfect for introducing children aged 3-7 to the variety of wildlife. 

This is the sixth book in the Animal Surprises series by the duo, following Animal Surprises, Into the Blue, The Word Bird, The Secret of the Egg and Invertebrates are Cool!. The series is a brilliant addition to any KS1 classroom, encouraging children to engage with the natural world around them and find out about other species that live further afield. Each also contains a fun puzzle to complete at the back of the book.

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