World Wildlife Day book recommendations

Not only is it World Book Day... it's also World Wildlife Day! Here at Graffeg we have a range of books promoting wildlife, championing environmental action and exploring the natural world. Take a look at some of our recommendations below:

Kicking off we have the Nature Book series, edited by Jane Russ and written by various nature-lovers and enthusiasts. The vision with the Nature Book series is that we wanted to create a compact, accessible wildlife book series, exploring our relationship with some of Britain’s best-loved wild creatures, from the Bumblebee to the Red Squirrel, there is a book for everyone. Check out some of its editions below.

Next up we'd love to share the Wild Wanderers series written by Dom Conlon and illustrated by Anastasia Izlesou. From the leap of a hare and the gentlest breeze, to a blazing star and ancient trees, Wild Wanderers is a series of poetic exploration which will inspire children across the world. Each book takes a gentle and lyrical journey through biodiversity, environment and challenges to unlock a world of wonder.

Leap hand-in-paw with Hare to meet her furry cousins from America to Japan and from Europe to the Arctic, in this poetic account of habitats and predators across the world.

Swim around the world with Shark as he explores ocean forests and coastal reefs, meeting Hammerheads and Great Whites, stingrays and dolphins in a search for the place he calls home.

Chase Wind through the oceans, fields and mountains as, from zephyr to gale, she carries seeds and stirs seas, enriching the world and breathing life.

Travel with Star as her light zips across 93 million miles of space from her home to Earth, where she ripens crops, keeps us warm, creates weather and reveals a waking world full of life.

What author Dom Conlon says: "This entire series is a love letter to the world and is showing me how important it is to lessen our ecological impact"

Use the code 'MCSShark1' when buying your copy of Swim, Shark, Swim! and we will donate 20% of the price of the book to 

Marine Conservation Society, a UK charity fighting for a cleaner, better-protected, healthier ocean: one we can all enjoy.

Following on from this, what is World Wildlife Day if we no longer have wildlife to enjoy. That's where This is How the Change Begins by Nicola Davies comes in.

This is How the Change Begins is a collection of six illuminating poems inspired by the growing threat of climate change. From a consideration of our carbon footprints by way of Islamic mathematician Alhazen, the impact shifting weather conditions are having and will continue to have on our events and celebrations and the choices we have to make to turn the tide, these remarkable poems brilliantly confront the recognisable realities of the climate crisis with bold and lyrical language. Including background notes on the themes behind them, each poem has been typographically designed and arranged to best communicate these essential messages.

Fred and the Fantastic Tub-Tub written by Zeb Soanes and illustrated by Anja Uhren is 'a thrilling and wondrous adventure, where the power of music and nature inspire us all to make the world a better place.' - Dame Judy Dench.

When Fred’s green-fingered grandfather shows her a map to the mysterious island of Papa Nupi, he leads her on a summer holiday adventure that just might save the planet. From Zeb Soanes, author of the bestselling Gaspard the Fox books.

Fred and the Fantastic Tub-Tub is also an exciting orchestral concert work by James Marangone.

‘An exciting journey into a world of enchanted flowers.’ Alan Titchmarsh, MBE

Produced as a tie-in to the landmark natural history series, which has been airing on BBC One this month, Wonders Of The Celtic Deep takes a deeper dive into the stories, history, marine wildlife, and people inside and behind the show of the same name. 

'This is British wildlife off the coast of Wales shot in 4k, and it will totally blow you out of the water.’ Dale Templar

‘I was amazed by the range of diversity in the Celtic Deep around Wales. I’m really proud that we did bring that sense of place to the series, showcasing the remarkable animals that live here.’ Sally Weale

A unique environment created by the confluence of three oceanic and climatic zones, the Welsh coast and its waters teem with life and diversity, documented here as never before. From seals and seabirds gathered along this celebrated coastline to the species to be found in the depths of the Celtic Sea, along with the behind-the-scenes challenges and triumphs of this landmark TV series, delve with the team into the wildlife wonders waiting to be discovered.

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