Last Resort

Last Resort

Richard Williams
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Paperback | 96 pages | 198 x 130mm
Publication September 2023 | ISBN 9781802584134

The Welsh Saltlands. A remote and desolate district in the corner of south-west Wales with notoriously spiky locals. Known for decades as the “Last Resort,” the area has seen an unprecedented surge in domestic tourism and investment. After a second bumper summer season, The Saltlands has been listed in the top three Most Desirable Places to Live in the UK by a renowned lifestyle magazine, and its star attraction
– Wibli Wobli Bay – has topped a national broadsheet’s Beach of the Year award. This sends another tsunami of holidaymakers out west, and the locals into a tailspin. A potential civil war totters between those locals that wish to embrace this new opportunity for The Saltlands, and those who absolutely do not.

Published as part of the Quick Reads series.

Richard Williams was raised on a farm in north Pembrokeshire and lived for a number of years in Sydney, Australia, in his early twenties. Later, following a degree and master’s degree in Development Studies from Exeter University and LSE respectively, Richard worked as a technical writer at the newly-created Global Fund to fight HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria, in Geneva, Switzerland.