Festive Favourites

Gapard's Christmas

by Zeb Soanes & James Mayhew

Whilst searching for food in the snow-covered streets, Gaspard makes an astonishing discovery and, with the help of his friends, might just have saved Christmas. 


Mouse and Mole: Lo and Behold!

by Joyce Dunbar and James Mayhew

Celebrate this festive season with three brand new Mouse and Mole short stories by Joyce Dunbar and James Mayhew. Snowmole, Lo and Behold and A Bump in the Night


Fletcher and the Snowflake Christmas

by Julia Rawlinson and Tiphanie Beeke

It’s Christmas Eve and Fletcher has had a terrible thought – what if Father Christmas can’t find the rabbits’ new burrow to deliver their presents? An enchanting seasonal story.


Picture books for eco-warriors

Fred and the Fantastic Tub-Tub

by Zeb Soanes and Anja Uhren

When Fred’s green-fingered grandfather shows her a map to the mysterious island of Papa Nupi, he leads her on a summer holiday adventure that just might save the planet.


Picture books to make you laugh

A Zoo in my Sho

by Jason Korsner and Max Low

A Zoo in my Shoe presents young readers with a series of sensible sentences based on some of their favourite animals. These are then mixed up to make nonsense rhymes, sending children into fits of giggles.


Bob the Dog Gets a Job

by Tracey Hammett and Angie Stevens

Bob the Dog is a busy dog. She always likes to have a job. One sunny day, Bob heads to the park to look for a new job and gets one at an ice cream van. Bob becomes the talk of the town.


Peter the Cat's Little Book of Big Words

by Zeb Soanes & James Mayhew

In his new book, Peter the Cat explains some of his favourite ‘big words’, including a simple explanation alongside a phonetic spelling to help children understand how to pronounce each of the words.


Picture books to help understand feelings

Red is Home

by Emma Bettridge & Josephine Birch

Red lives in two homes and has special things he does in each. But Monday is moving day. What if the new house isn’t like the old one? What if there aren’t special things to do there? Follow Red on his adventure to discover his new home.


April's Garden

by Isla McGuckin & Cataline Echeverri

April's Garden is a story for anyone who, for whatever reason, fears that home is an impossible dream. And April reminds readers that even when things feel impossibly bleak, there's always something to hold on to. Hope.


Lilly & Myles: The Torch

by Jon Roberts & Hannah Rounding

Accompanied by Myles, her assistance dog, Lily sets off from Granny’s house to explore. But when she comes to the big cave her acute hearing means she is scared of the loud noise when she drops her torch.


Goodbye Hobbs

by Emma Bettridge & Josephine Birch

Merlin won’t go out. Not without his best friend Hobbs. Join Merlin as he goes on an adventure to learn how to say ‘Goodbye Hobbs’. A story of what it means to love and lose a friend


Imagine Eating Lemons

by Jason Rhodes & Richard Dearing

A Children's Introduction to Mindfulness. Follow the journey of Chester Chestnut as he learns about his anxious thoughts and feelings, where they come from and how to control them.


Frog's Bog

by Marielle Bayliss & Mariela Malova

Whether he's dunked in a bog by Fox, dive-bombed by Dragonfly, speckled with wood chips by Woodpecker or croaking off-key in his very own frog chorus, Frog can't seem to find the perfect place to relax. Thankfully, the ever-present bees are on hand to help make Frog's Bog the best bog around.



by Nicola Davies & Cathy Fisher

Perfect tells the story of a young boy learning to accept his baby sister as being perfect in every way in spite of her disability. A story of disappointment, acceptance and, ultimately, love.


The Pond

by Nicola Davies & Cathy Fisher

A touching picture book about a young boy, and his family, overcoming the loss of his father. This book will teach children not only about death and loss, but the importance of the natural world.


The New Girl

by Nicola Davies and Cathy Fisher

Kiku is cruelly isolated and ostracised before something beautiful inspires tolerance and acceptance from her classmates. A story of prejudice and acceptance. 


Activity Books

The Classics

Lord of the Forest

by Caroline Pitcher and Jackie Morris

Everything little Tiger hears is new and exciting. When he tells his mother of the sounds all around him she reminds him ‘When you don’t hear them, my son, be ready. The Lord of the Forest is here!’ But who is the Lord of the Forest, and when will Tiger find out? 


The Ice Bear

by Jackie Morris

Jackie’s glorious illustrations and lyrical text now matched by the lavish production values of this book. This magical tale set in Jackie Morris’s stunning icy landscapes tells a tale of tolerance and understanding, and reminds us of our duty to take care of this world’s wild creatures.


The Snow Leopard

by Jackie Morris

As the Snow Leopard’s earthly life begins to wane, she searches for a pure and incorruptible soul to pass her knowledge and power to in order that the hidden valley can remain safe. 


Picture books on friendship

Picture books for the creators

The Invention

by Julia Hubery and James Munro

Caretaker’s daughter Fili is sad to see her city neighbours hustle in and out, too busy to talk, so Fili gets to work creating a mysterious something that just might build little bridges between them all.


I am an Artist

by Kertu Sillaste & Adam Cullen

What is an artist? Sometimes John finds art easy, sometimes it’s hard, sometimes art is like a game, but sometimes it’s a puzzle. This book takes us through the ups and downs of John’s life as an artist